Winter Snap Cubes Activities

Do your preschoolers love snap cubes? If so, they’re going to love these winter snap cubes activities!

These winter-themed snap cube mats are so much fun, and they’re designed to motivate young learners to strengthen fine motor skills, counting, number recognition, colors, and more.


• cardstock • laminating pouches • laminator • dry erase pouches • dry erase markers

Preparing the Printables

Print these pages on cardstock and laminate for durability. If you don’t have a laminator, you can slip the pages in a dry erase pocket.

Completing the Activity

Choose a mat and gather your snap cubes. Kids will need a dry erase marker, as well.

Identify the object on the page. Talk about the letters in the name of the object, if desired.

Now, build the object by snapping cubes together. Use the image on the page as a color-coded guide.

Once children are finished building the object, it’s time for some fun math. Start by having children identify the colors used in building the shape.

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