Winter Fun Count and Graph Worksheets

Download these Winter Fun count and graph worksheets to add to your seasonal math centers. They are perfect for preschool and kindergarten!

Count and graph worksheets help kids develop their visual discrimination and counting skills with a fun Santa Claus theme that is fun for preschoolers.

Winter Fun Count and Graph Worksheets

To complete this count and graph activity, show your little ones how to find and count the first image. Count all the yellow mittens in the box at the top of the page.

Now, have them write that number in the box under the first column. Continue in this manner with the other five images.

When your preschoolers have completed the find and count portion of this worksheet pack, show them how to graph their results.

Encourage your student to color one square for each image they found according to the image at the bottom of each column. I prefer to have them color each column a different color.

Once they’ve completed the graphing activity, ask questions to help your preschoolers compare and analyze the data on the graph. Which object had the most? Which had the least?

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