Winter Counting Activities

Developing your child’s counting skills can be fun, especially when you tie counting practice to a specific theme.

Even if you don’t have snow where you live, you can enjoy these preschool winter activities and have some winter counting fun while you play.

In preschool, your child will start to move beyond counting to ten and begin to associate numbers with objects up to twenty and beyond.

Winter is the perfect time to count bird’s nests because you can actually find them once the leaves are gone.

Counting Bird’s Nests

Make one-to-one correspondence more concrete for your kids by pairing up mittens and hats for the people in your home.

Counting Mittens and Hats

Make hot chocolate together and count marshmallows as you add them to the cup.

Count Marshmallows

You can twist this one up in several different ways, depending on the weather in your area and how close you live to the street.

Count Vehicles

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