Winter Color By Letter Printable

Practice color word and lowercase letter recognition with this winter color by letter printable. Perfect for preschool!

They’ll love following the color code at the bottom of each worksheet to reveal hidden pictures with adorable winter themes.

Winter Color By Letter Printable

Letter recognition is an important skill for preschool and kindergarten kiddos to work on. Once they begin to grasp letters, you can begin to introduce more challenging literacy skills.

Before you can move on to those challenging skills, though, kids need to know the names of the letters they’ll encounter and they need to recognize them by sight.

Color by letter worksheets are a great way to work on letter recognition. Kids will follow the color code at the bottom of the page to determine which letter they’re looking for.

As children explore the color code at the bottom of each page, they’ll also begin to recognize color words. If you are using these pages with younger preschoolers, you can color the words for them.

This provides a visual cue they can pair with the color word. To prepare these pages, just print them on printer paper. That’s it! 

These print-and-go activity pages are perfect for busy preschool moms and teachers like you. You can add these worksheets to your winter theme, winter animals theme, or your snowman theme.

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