Winter Animals Worksheets

Our winter animals worksheets are the perfect way for them to learn all about some of the animals that live in cold weather climates.

These worksheets are not only educational but also enjoyable for kids. They’ll have a blast coloring in pictures of adorable creatures like penguins, polar bears, and seals.

Winter Animals Worksheets

This set of winter animals worksheets includes thirteen color and trace printables. Each worksheet is formatted the same. There is a large image of each animal for preschoolers to color.

These worksheets are a great way to introduce preschoolers to winter animals and their names. They can then use this knowledge to complete a coloring activity.

Benefits of using Color and Trace Worksheets

Introduce the worksheets to preschoolers, explaining that they will be learning about different winter animals and their names.

Completing the Activity

Once all of the tracing is complete, have preschoolers finish coloring in the rest of the image. Display the finished worksheets in a prominent place for parents and other caregivers to see.

Some kids will want to stay within the lines and color exactly what’s shown in the picture.

Using These Worksheets with Multiple Skill Levels

Others will want to create their own unique version of each animal. As long as they’re learning and having fun, let preschoolers choose their own method of coloring!

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