Winter Activities for Preschoolers

Discover five exciting winter activities for preschoolers! From baking to reading and more, combat winter boredom with these fun ideas.

Nothing is worse than a preschooler trapped in the house on a cold winter day. They’re bored and restless.

Here’s an easy solution: try one of these five exciting preschool winter activities!

Gingerbread and sugar cookies are perfect for those cold winter day when your preschooler is stuck inside.

Bake Cookies

Next, pull out fun winter books to read on a cold day. Make hot chocolate. Pile cookies on a plate.

Curl Up with a Good Book

My preschoolers loved printable fun and wanted me to print their favorite worksheets again and again for endless winter fun!

Printable Fun for All

Let them know how much they’ve helped you out. Tell them what “big” kids they are. Praise them for a job well done.

Winter Nature Hike

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