Love Bug Valentines Day Countdown

Your kids will love helping you make this Love Bug Valentines Day countdown chain! What a cute decoration that provides a little counting practice, too.

This preschool craft is easily adaptable for different ability levels. If your kids are too young to draw the heart shapes, let them use stickers.


• Construction paper • Google eyes • Glue stick • Tape • Scissors


Turn your construction paper horizontally, and cut a 2″ strip down the length of the paper. You can stack the papers so you’re cutting through more than one sheet at a time.

Cut as many strips as you need to complete the countdown chain. Add google eyes, eyelashes, and a smile to the middle of all of the strips you just cut out.

Cut two hearts out of pink construction paper (or color of your choice). Use a black marker or stickers to decorate the hearts and the body of the butterfly as desired.

To Make the Butterfly

Use a black sharpie to create stripes on the bee’s body. Cut two small pink hearts. Again, decorate them with marker or stickers. Attach the hearts to the back to form wings. 

To Make the Bumblebee

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