Toilet Paper Roll Zoo Animals

Animal crafts are always a big hit with kids, and there are some pretty awesome toilet paper roll zoo animals you can make together.


Gather some empty cardboard tubes and some craft supplies, and you’re all set to add a craft or two to your zoo activities for preschoolers.

Toilet Paper Roll Monkey Craft

This toilet paper roll monkey craft includes a free printable template which will make it a breeze to assemble.

These cardboard tube polar bears are simple to make. Kids will love drawing the paws and rosy cheeks.

Cardboard Tube Polar Bear


This elephant is simple, and can be customized in your preschooler's favorite color.

TP Elephant


The expression on this cardboard tube monkey's face is sure to elicit a giggle (or two) from your little ones.

Monkey Cardboard Tube Craft


Your little ones will likely need help cutting the cardboard. But, they'll love painting the tiger orange and adding stripes.

Cardboard Tube Tiger Craft 


With these free printable templates, your preschoolers can choose a cut and paste version or a version they can color.

TP Roll Penguin Craft [Free Template]


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