Tissue Paper Preschool Butterfly Craft

Are you looking for a fun, creative activity to do with your preschoolers? Look no further than this tissue paper preschool butterfly craft!

Not only is it easy enough for toddlers to make, but it also provides an opportunity to teach little ones about different colors and beautiful butterflies.


• colored craft paper • pencil • scissors • craft glue


Gather your craft papers. I like to use tissue paper, but you could use scraps of colorful wrapping paper. Cut your paper into small squares.

Take one square at a time, and crumple it into a small ball. Continue crumpling the paper squares into balls.

The printable butterfly template includes three different sizes of butterflies. Trace any size you want onto a piece of cardstock and cut it out with scissors.

Start to glue the crumpled paper balls onto the cut out butterfly pattern. Mix and match the colors to give the butterfly a festive look.

Continue to glue the paper balls on the butterfly until the butterfly pattern is filled. Once you are done gluing the crumpled paper balls on the butterfly, let the glue dry for a while.

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