4 Ways to Teach Sequencing to Preschoolers

Sequencing is the ability to understand the order of events in a story, task, or activity. It’s a difficult concept for preschool children to grasp as it requires abstract thinking.

However, with some patience and creativity there are several ways parents can teach their young students about sequencing.

Teach Sequencing to Preschoolers

It also helps them develop their language skills and be ready for school. With some creativity and patience, there are several ways to teach sequencing to your preschoolers.

Implementing a daily routine can be an invaluable tool for young learners as it helps them to learn sequencing and the essential skills of following directions.

Have daily routines

Stories provide an easy and fun way for children to explore the concepts of beginning, middle and end, which are essential skills for understanding how events unfold.

Talk about the stories you read

By counting up from 1-20 and then backwards from 20-1, children develop familiarity with how to count through the steps and learn how to recognize the orderliness of sequences.

Use ordinal numbers

Sequencing cards provide a visual reminder of events and come in all shapes and sizes, with pictures of various events or items that need to be put in logical order.

Play with sequencing cards

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