Summer Water Games


Preschoolers can stay cool with these summer water games. Get them moving and work on important skills while having tons of fun!


Whether you're playing catch with water bombs or strengthening motor skills with a fun pouring activity, kids ages 3-6 will want to do all of these activities during the hot summer months.

Make Sponge Water Bombs

Have you ever made sponge water bombs with your kids? If not, check out this super simple tutorial.

Need a fun, hands-on way to begin teaching sight words to your beginning readers? Sight Word Splash is a water-play game to teach or review words.

Summer Learning Games

Turn a hot afternoon into a memorable one with these simple ideas for summer water fun with young children.

Sponge and Water Fun Ideas 


Turn the pool into a science lab! Fun, no-prep science activities to do with your kids, even in a kiddie pool!

Science by the Pool

Get kids moving with this fun gross motor water transfer activity that is simple enough for toddlers to participate in.

Gross Motor Water Transfer


A fun outdoor water activity that will keep your child stimulated for hours! Dirty up your animals and have your child wash them off!

Animal Washing Station 


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