Summer Themes for Toddlers

Summer is a great time for children to explore and practice new skills without the pressure of school. One way to do this is through fun summer themes that will both entertain and educate your toddler!

With some creativity, you can create fun summer activities around these summer themes for toddlers that are age-appropriate, stimulating, and enjoyable.

Whether you’re looking for ideas on how to plan an at-home activity or find something suitable for a day trip out with your toddler, there’s something here for everyone!

A nature scavenger hunt. This activity helps toddlers learn about their natural environment and the different textures and shapes found in nature.


Pick a color of the day and create a day filled with different activities around that color. This activity helps teach color recognition and develop creativity.


Let your toddler help you plant flowers, vegetables, and herbs. They will learn about the growth process and develop their sense of responsibility.


Whether it’s visiting a farm or observing wildlife in your backyard, toddlers can learn about different animals and their habitats during the summer.

Animal Exploration

Introduce toddlers to different types of music and instruments through outdoor concerts or making music with simple instruments like drums or shakers.

Musical Exploration

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