Spring Color By Number Printables

Use these spring color by number printables to give preschoolers and kindergarteners an opportunity to practice color words and number recognition from one to twenty.

This set of worksheets provides little ones a chance to work on important skills while sparking fun conversations about all that spring has to offer.

Spring Color By Number Printables

This set of preschool math worksheets focuses on numbers 1–20. Kids will identify the numbers in each space, and use the color code at the bottom of the page to complete each picture.

These worksheets are  print-and-go. They require no prepwork. Just print them on regular printer paper, and provide your child with crayons or colored pencils.

Preparing the Worksheets

As children work to complete each worksheet, their concentration skills get stronger and stronger.


What can you teach with color by numbers?

This particular worksheet pack includes numbers 1–20. Kids will identify the number in each shape and use the color code to color it in.

Number recognition

As your kids read the color code on the bottom of each page and match it to the appropriate crayon, they’ll become more proficient at recognizing and reading each color word.

Color words

Children strengthen their fine motor skills as they work to complete each color-by-code activity. Proper pencil grip and staying in the lines are important when completing these worksheets.

Fine motor skills

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