Spring Animal Crafts

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As flowers bloom and animals emerge from their winter hideaways, it’s the perfect time to incorporate the beauty of the season into preschool crafts.

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From fuzzy bunnies to chirping chicks, these crafts not only add a splash of joy to your home or classroom but also offer a delightful opportunity for your preschoolers to learn through art.

Spring Animal Crafts

Get ready to create memories and masterpieces that will last long after the petals fall!

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Make this super easy washcloth bunny that involves no sewing and can be made by anyone in your home.

Washcloth Bunny

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Make this paper ladybug look lifelike with this adorable 3D paper craft idea.

3D Paper Ladybug Craft

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Make an easy and simple STEAM activity with your kids using this bunny paper puppet craft.

Easter Bunny Paper Puppet

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Use an old toilet paper roll to make this adorable little frog craft idea.

Paper Roll Frog Craft

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