Printable Farm Animal Worksheets for Kindergarten

These worksheets feature cows, chickens, pigs, and horses and provide an opportunity for students to practice beginning sounds, counting, and other basic kindergarten concepts in a creative way.

Plus, these farm activities for preschoolers help children express their creativity by providing plenty of coloring opportunities.

Farm Animal Worksheets for Kindergarten

Our worksheets are easy to use and can be printed out quickly and easily. You can even laminate the worksheets for durable, long-lasting use!

Students will read the sight words on each horse, and then color the matching sight words in each row.

Sight Words

Children will identify each of the farm animals on the page. Then, they’ll circle the letter that names the ending sound.

Ending Sounds

Kindergarteners will identify the number on each sheep. Then, they’ll color the ten frame to match.

Ten Frames

Young learners will read each color word on the page. They’ll color the farm animal to match the color word.

Color Words

Students will say and clap the syllables in each box. Then, they’ll color the correct number.


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