Preschool Snowman Craft

Gather pinecones on your next preschool nature walk. Then, gather some art supplies, and let your preschoolers use them to make this fun craft during your preschool winter activities. 

You can display them as a winter decoration, or you can glue a piece of string to the back and hang them on the Christmas tree.


• pine cones • cotton balls • pom poms • google eyes


To make the snowman’s head, cut out three 1″ circles from the white felt. Set them aside for the moment. 

Take the brown pipe cleaner, and cut six 2″ pieces and six ½” pieces. Fold the ½” pieces around the ends of the 2″ pieces to make the arms. Then, cut three ½” pieces for the carrot nose. 

On each head, glue two eyes and a nose. Align three black pom poms for the mouth. Set these aside for a moment while your kids build the snowman. 

Take the cotton balls, and pull them apart. Tuck the stretched out cotton pieces between the scales of the pinecones. 

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