Pirate Board Games

These engaging activities provide an opportunity for young children to learn important skills, such as counting, sorting, and matching.

With so many pirate-themed titles available, there is sure to be something that will spark your child’s interest.

Bermuda Pirates Magnetic Board Game

Navigate your magnetic boat on perilous waters to get treasures! Use your dexterity and your memory to avoid the whirlpools that send your treasures into the ocean!

Yogarrr! Family Pirate Yoga Party Board Game

In this up-and-active balancing game, two or more players take turns balancing parrots and collecting doubloons—the player with the most doubloons at the end wins! 

Pop Up Pirate Game

This fun game will keep you guessing since the slot that makes the pirate pop changes every time you play.

Go on a treasure hunt to find Goldbeard's lost loot! Can you find all five keys needed to open the treasure chest?

Lost Loot DIY Pirate Scavenger Hunt Game

Strap on an eye patch, play yer carrrd, and fire yer cannonball! First to link 4 cannonballs be the WINNER!

Fire in The Hole

A perfect beginner game for toddlers, Pirate Roll is designed to DEVELOP NUMBER RECOGNITION and ENCOURAGE TURN-TAKING.

Barnacle Toys Pirate Roll

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