Peep Easter House

This delightful Peep Easter house is not only fun (and tasty) but also a creative way to engage kids in a hands-on activity.

Your preschoolers will be thrilled by how effortless it is to prepare this adorable Easter snack using just a few basic ingredients.

What You’ll Need

– Graham crackers – Edible Easter grass – Peeps Chicks – Chocolate Melts – Favorite Easter candies

Break a whole graham cracker in half. You’ll need 5 halves for each of the Easter Peeps houses.


Melt the chocolate melts. Put the melted chocolate into a small plastic bag or piping bag.

Stand the graham cracker halves on each line of chocolate. Hold them until the chocolate sets – about a minute or so.

Now, let your child put some of the edible grass into the bottom of each chick house that you’ve made. Set a peep chick in each one.

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