Ocean Themed Games for Kids

The ocean is a captivating place, but it can be difficult to get little ones interested in something so vast and mysterious.

These ocean themed games for kids are designed to help preschoolers fall in love with the ocean, whether they live near the coast or not.

Ocean Animals Wooden Stacking Game

The game is designed to help kids develop concentration and logic skills as they try to stack the ocean animals without toppling them.

Whack a Crab Fishing Game

This game is perfect for improving hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and concentration.

Tentacle Tantrum

Get your tentacles ready for a freaky fish frenzy! Tentacle Tantrum encourages hand-eye coordination, quick thinking, and matching skills.

Go Fish - Ocean Edition

In addition to matching numbers, kids will match the front and back half of various ocean animals to create a match.

Match it UP! Ocean

This match-up game targets multiple learning skills like numbers, colors, rhyming words, patterns, shapes, and visual sorting.

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