Ocean Animals Games

Ocean animals games and activities are an effective way to help young children learn more about different types of sea creatures while also having fun.

Incorporating these activities into your preschool ocean theme helps children become familiar with the underwater world.

Ocean Memory

Designed to introduce problem-solving and encourage memory skills, this ocean-themed game makes it fun to reach key developmental milestones.

Use the magnetic fishing pole to "catch" the 10 colorful sea friends from the game board, then enjoy the challenge of returning them to the depths!

Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game

The game rules make playing this Go Fish fantastic and simple, just match the front and back halves.

Go Fish - Ocean Edition

Get hands-on as you build early math skills with The Young Scientists Club Ocean Animal STEM Cubes!

Ocean Animals STEM Cubes

Divide yourselves up in teams, or play one on one, ask up to 10 questions to guess the underwater animal on the Game Card!!

Guess in 10 Underwater Animals

Challenge your friends to an exciting game of bingo, test your memory, guess the animal, and have some fact-filled trivia fun with this Ocean Animal Game.

The Young Scientist Ocean Animal Card Game

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