New Year Color By Number Free Printables

Ring in the new year with these New Year color by number free printables! Practice number recognition with these color by code worksheets.

Get kids excited about the end of the year (especially the end of 2020) and the start of a brand new year with these color by number worksheets.

New Year Color By Number Free Printables

This pack of preschool printables includes ten color by number pages that encourage kids to practice number recognition through eleven.

They’ll also practice color word recognition for all of the colors of the rainbow plus pink, brown, black, grey, and flesh.

Grab one or two of these fun books about New Years for preschoolers. They’ll help you get your preschoolers excited about the new year!

First, they’ll identify the numbers in each shape on the page. Then, they’ll use the color code to color the page and reveal a mystery picture.

How to use the New Year color by numbers.

If you have a younger preschooler who doesn’t know the color words yet, you can color the color words for them. Then, they’ll use those colors to complete the picture.

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