Mickey Mouse Books for Toddlers

These books are perfect for bedtime stories and teaching young children important life lessons, while also introducing them to some beloved characters from one of the most iconic franchises in history.

When you add these books to your spring butterfly unit, your child can explore the beauty of butterflies while learning about the amazing transformation they undergo.

Surprise Mirror Sound Book: Sing-Along Songs

Press a song button to see Mickey, Daisy, Minnie, or goofy appear in the mirror. Sing along to favorite tunes with new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse lyrics.

Mickey's Funny Friend Sound Book

Mickey and Minnie can go anywhere with a little help from their friend Funny! Press the sound button to bring the story to life.

Mickey Mouse and the Dinosaur

Mickey dreams about having a pet dinosaur! My First Stories, featuring classic Disney characters, are just the right length for little ones!

Complete with vibrant, colorful illustrations on every page and a durable padded cover, each story is perfectly timed to be read aloud in 5 minutes.

5-Minute Mickey Mouse Stories

Disney Stories for 2-Year-Olds includes 14 stories with short, simplified text and bright illustrations, perfect for youngsters to follow along as parents introduce the adventures of Mickey and his friends.

Disney Stories for 2-Year-Olds

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