Melted Crayon Christmas Ornaments

These beautiful melted crayon Christmas ornaments will quickly become keepsakes that you’ll treasure.

Kids will love making them and hanging them on the tree this year. They are definitely a must-do Christmas craft this holiday season!


• Round Ornament Bulbs • Crayons • Vegetable Peeler • Hair Dryer


Select 4-5 crayon colors for each bulb. Peel the papers off all crayons.

Peel off pieces of the crayons using the peeler until you have about 2 teaspoons total of all your colors for each ornament.

Take each pile of crayon shavings and put them inside each ornament bulb. Put the tops back on the ornaments.

Turn the hair dryer on low with it pointed at the ornament, and hold the ornament slowly turning it around while the heat melts the crayon. Just when the crayons start to melt, turn off the hair dryer.

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