Mardi Gras Mask Paper Plate Craft for Kids

You don’t want to miss this festive Mardi Gras paper plate craft for kids!

Your little crafters will have so much fun personalizing their very own Mardi Gras mask! Paper plate crafts are fun and inexpensive. And, this mask is no exception.

What You’ll Need:– Paper plate – Scissors – Hole Punch – Yellow marker or paint – Purple and green yarn – Purple and green pony beads

With some beads and string, your kids can decorate their mask to wear as you celebrate Mardi Gras.

Cut a paper plate in half. Then fold the plate in half and draw an eye hole.

Cut along the outside of the shape. Cut the eye hole out. It’ll be easier to cut the eye hole, if you make a hole with the hole punch.

Color or paint the entire mask yellow. Create holes along the entire edge of the mask and eye area with the hole punch.

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