Kid Made Valentines Card

Bee mine! This adorable kid-made Valentines card is a fun art project that doubles as a Valentine’s Day craft for kids.

Preschoolers will love playing with their food as they make this adorable Bee Mine potato-stamping art project. Add it to your upcoming Valentine’s Day activities for preschool.


• Potatoes • Blue cardstock • Yellow acrylic paint • Markers – black, white • Googly eyes, small


Cut your potato in half width-wise. Pour a generous amount of yellow paint on a flat surface. We like to use paper plates.

Stamp the potato on the card. We did one stamp per card. If you use red potatoes instead of baking potatoes, you can make smaller stamps on the cards.

Once all the bees are stamped, let the paint dry completely. Then, glue googly eyes in position on the bees.

Use the black marker to draw antennas and heart shaped wings, too. After making sure the paint from the stamp is completely dry, use the black marker to also draw lines across the bee.

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