Hot Chocolate Winter Craft for Preschoolers

This winter preschool craft will look good on display this winter season. You can even make multiples and string them together for a fun winter garland.

If you are working with toddlers, you can precut all of the pieces for the hot chocolate mug craft. Preschoolers, on the other hand, can practice their scissor skills by cutting the pieces out on their own.


• Hot Chocolate Craft Template • Colored Cardstock • Cotton Balls • Scissors


Trace one of the squares on a brown sheet of construction paper – this will be the hot chocolate. Cut it out.

Trace the other two squares on any color of construction paper – this will be your mug. Cut a rounded “U” shape from one of the colored squares of construction paper. This will be the “front” of your cup.

Use the handle template to form a handle. You may have enough from the U cut out to form the handle, depending how big you cut. If not, use another piece of the same colored construction paper.

Glue the handle to the side of the whole square of colored paper. Glue the brown cardstock to the whole square of colored paper, over the handle.

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