Hands-On Fun for Jan Brett’s The Mitten

Jan Brett’s beloved children’s book, The Mitten, is a cute story that has entertained generations of readers.

With its engaging story and vivid illustrations, it provides endless opportunities for hands-on activities that parents and teachers can use to bring the tale to life.

Hands-On Fun for Jan Brett’s The Mitten

In this pack of free printables, you’ll find a large mitten to print out along with images of each of the small animals introduced in the story.

After reading through the story a time or two, present the animal cards from the printable pack.

You can add felt to the back to use them on a felt board or magnets to use them on a cookie sheet or magnetic white board.

As you read the story, use the pictures of the animals to act out the story. Or, give one prop to each child and have them add it to the board when their character is introduced in the story.

If you are using this with your preschool or kindergarten students at home, have them use the props to sequence the story as you read it aloud or after a read through to check comprehension.

If you want to extend the activity, you could also provide plastic animal figures and real mitten that your child can use to retell the story.

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