Groundhog Day Math

Groundhog Day is the perfect theme for teaching basic mathematical concepts like counting, number recognition, number order, shapes, and more!

With our Groundhog Day math worksheet, your little one will have a blast learning these important skills.

Our Groundhog Day activities are designed to be both educational and entertaining. 

Completing the Worksheets

Download and print the worksheets. If you’d like to make them reusable, you can laminate them or slip them in a dry-erase pouch.

Introduce your desired worksheet to the students, explaining that they will be working on basic skills with a fun groundhog-themed twist.

Once your students have finished the worksheets, review the answers together as a class so you can discuss mistakes that may have been made along the way.

Students will roll two dice and add the dots. Then, they’ll color the groundhog that matches the number.

What Skills Are Covered?

Roll & Color

Color by Number – Preschoolers will use the code to color the groundhog picture.

Ten Frames – Kids will count the suns on each ten frame and color the matching number.

Missing Numbers – Students will write the missing numbers to complete each sequence from 1-10.

Shape Sorting – Kids will cut and paste 2D shapes into the correct column.

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