Fun Summer Activities for Toddlers

With longer days and warmer temperatures come plenty of opportunities for fun summer activities for toddlers designed to keep your little ones engaged and entertained.

From water play and scavenger hunts to nature walks and outdoor art projects, there are countless ways you can make sure your toddler has a blast while learning something new.

Being outside encourages physical activity, which helps toddlers stay healthy and develop motor skills such as coordination, balance, and strength. And of course, fresh air is always a bonus!

Fill up some water balloons and have your toddler toss them back and forth with a parent or sibling.

Water Balloon Toss

Set up a sprinkler in the yard and let your toddler run through it on a hot day.

Sprinkler fun

Mix up some juice or yogurt with some chopped fruit and freeze it in popsicle molds for a healthy and refreshing treat.

Homemade Ice Pops

Head outside and see how many different types of bugs, flowers, or leaves your toddler can find. You can even make it into a game by seeing who can find the most items on the list.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

If you have a sandbox, let your toddler play in it with some toy shovels and buckets.

Sandbox fun

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