Frog Life Cycle Candy Science Craft

Follow this simple tutorial to make a frog life cycle candy science craft!

Bring science to life with this fun, educational activity that’s perfect for your preschool frog theme.

What You'll Need

- white Sixlets candy - gummy worms - green gumball - 3 frog-shaped gummies

Paint the rim around the plate green. Leave the center white. Then, let the paint dry.

What You’ll Do

To make the tadpole, cut a gummy worm in half for the tail. Stick a gum ball on the end for the head.

Use a black marker to draw 2 lines on the white part of the plate so it splits the plate evenly into four sections.

In the “egg” section, put a dollop of frosting on the plate. Stick a little pile of white candy all over it.

In the “tadpole” section, put a little dot of frosting and stick the tadpole on.

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