Free Printable Sequencing Cards

Start building a strong foundation for math and reading by introducing sequencing skills to your preschoolers.

Sequencing is also a building block for early math and literacy skills. These sequencing cards are a great way to let preschoolers practice sequencing activities.

Sequence Cards

Kids will begin to make sense of the order in which events happen when you introduce these free printable sequencing cards for kids.

Kids can learn the order of things with these 3 step sequencing puzzles. Each puzzle features activities your preschoolers will encounter in their daily lives.

Kids will love ordering the events in this spring sequencing cards printable. This is a great way to introduce preschoolers to sequencing!

Don’t miss these spring sequence cards that include puzzles, a sequencing mat, and storytelling page for 3 step sequencing cards.

Preschoolers can practice sequencing with this set of “how to build a snowman” sequence card printables.

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