Fingerprint Apple Tree

This Fingerprint Apple Tree activity is a great way to bring the fun and lessons of fall alive with your preschoolers!

Using construction paper, non-toxic stamp pads, and their own fingerprints, kids will create an apple tree full of unique apples.

Fingerprint Apple Tree

The apple tree craft offers numerous benefits for preschoolers. First and foremost, it stimulates creativity as kids design their unique apple trees.

– Colored Paper – Glue Stick – Scissors – Markers

What You’ll Need:

Start by taking a green construction paper. Fold it in half and on the folded side, draw a semi-circle to resemble the top of a tree. Cut it out.

Step-by-Step Guide

Make a tree trunk out of a brown construction paper. Alternatively, you can choose to draw the tree trunk on white paper with a brown marker.

Take your glue stick and spread some glue on the back of the tree top. Glue it to the top of the tree trunk.

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