Fall Color by Number

These fall color by number worksheets are perfect for preschoolers! As the leaves change color and the days get shorter, we know it’s time to start thinking about fall.

Don’t worry! 

We’ve got you covered with these color by number worksheets that will help your little one learn their colors and numbers.

Your child will love coloring in the pictures, and you’ll love knowing they’re learning at the same time!

Download our free printable today and start coloring in!


Kids love color by number worksheets! And there are plenty of good reasons why they should. For one, color by number worksheets are great for preschoolers.

They help to develop important fine motor skills, such as hand-eye coordination and the ability to control a pencil or crayon.

In addition, color by number worksheets provide a fun and engaging way for kids to learn colors and numbers.


These worksheets are pretty simple, with large areas of solid color that are easy for little ones to fill in. They are a lot of fun for kids who love autumn.

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