Elf on the Shelf Ideas Your Preschooler Will Love

No matter the age group of my children, we have always had so much fun with it, but I must say the preschool years are so much fun!

We’ve done Elf on the Shelf at our house for about six years.

If you are looking for some quick Elf on the Shelf ideas, here are some to keep up your sleeve.

We use this Elf on the Shelf Welcome Letter. Print it, plug in your child’s name, sign it with your elf’s name and you are all set. A personal letter from the good ol’ elf is always a win!

Grab the Band Aids. Use them to stick Elf on the Shelf to the door, the wall, the bathroom mirror, or where ever you want to stick him. Your preschooler will love this!

Toilet paper the Christmas tree. Place your Elf on the Shelf nearby with some of the toilet paper near his hand…. guess who did it?!?

Grab some mini marshmallows and fill a coffee cup up with them. Place your elf on top and call it a bubble bath. The kids will love eating the marshmallows as a special treat.

Let Elf bring breakfast. Just print it out and use the invitation as a sweet invite for your kids from Elf. Use the labels to indicate Elf juice.

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