Counting Penguins Book

Did you know counting penguins is actually a thing? Every year in Antarctica, a group of scientists conducts a penguin census to check on the health and welfare of the species.

Using our counting penguins book, your child can pretend play being an Antarctic scientist and practice counting numbers to twenty.

How to use our penguin counting book.

To create a truly engaging penguin counting experience for your kids, begin by printing our penguin counting book.

The pages of our penguin counting book build on each other. Start by counting one penguin. Build up to counting twenty penguins.

Hands-On Counting and Penguin Play

Adding hands-on elements to our counting book is a great way to give the concept of numbers a more concrete meaning for your child.

The role of pretend play in counting

Pretend play helps your preschool child learn problem-solving, cooperation, communication skills and so much more. In fact, pretend play builds a bridge between head knowledge with direct skills.

Talk about what you are doing in your pretend role. Work collaboratively to solve a problem, and really listen to what your child is saying.

Tips to make pretend play even more powerful

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