Connect with Preschoolers

“I love you, Mommy!” is what my preschooler said to me as we sat down to eat together, just the two of us.

His simple joy in going out with Mommy made me realize it’s too easy to get swamped by everything we have to do.

Connecting With Toddlers

We accidentally push our preschoolers aside in favor of running older children when we should connect with our preschoolers every day.

Preschoolers love tea parties, so sit down with your preschooler for an actual tea party with just the two of you.

Tea Parties

Chat about friends and games. Share tales from when you were a child. Make it a special time with peppermint tea and a few cookies.

Preschoolers do slow you down when running errands, but it’s also a wonderful time for the two of you connect.

Run Errands

My own preschooler loves to leave with just mommy. He gets to be my big helper for the day.

You can chat in the car about books you’ve read or movies you’ve watched. Ask your preschooler to help make simple decisions and pull small items off the shelves.

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