Color by Number Elephant

Our color by number elephant worksheet is a super cool tool for kids to boost their coordination skills while having a blast!

This color-by-number worksheet features a friendly elephant and uses numbers to guide children in coloring, helping them learn numbers and colors at the same time.

Plus, they’ll end up with a super vibrant and whimsically colored elephant that they can proudly show off.

The worksheet is designed to be super easy to follow and engaging, making learning a totally fun experience.

Through this activity, kids will learn colors and numbers in a fun way while developing their motor skills, creative problem-solving abilities and imaginative thinking.

This color-by-number worksheet features an adorable elephant face. Each section on the page has a number that corresponds to a specific color.

The goal is for children to look at each section and identify the number in it. Then, they’ll use that number to find the correct color to color each section appropriately.

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