Printable Christmas Memory Game: Counting 1-10

Your preschoolers will love adding some Christmas activities to their lessons throughout the coming holiday season.

Help them practice counting from 1-10 with this fun Christmas Memory Game.

Your little ones will work on number recognition and counting with this printable game.

Christmas Counting Memory Game

This pack includes twenty cards for a unique Christmas memory game. I suggest printing the cards on regular printer paper.

After cutting each page into individual cards, glue the cards on construction paper leaving a border around each card.

Laminate the construction paper cards. Cut out the cards again. This keeps kids from being able to the numbers on the front of the cards.

Once your cards are prepared, shuffle them well. Lay them out facedown on the table or floor.

Take turns flipping over two cards. Have your preschoolers count the ornaments on the decorated trees. Then, have them find the matching numeral.

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