Butterfly Math Worksheets

Counting butterflies is a fun way to practice counting skills! These simple butterfly math worksheets make it easy to get started. Just print and go—no prep required!

These free butterfly worksheets are great for number recognition, too. Help your little ones find the right numeral to match the number of butterflies. They’ll be learning to count to ten in no time!

Butterfly Math Activities

You can use them as individual work, extra practice, or you can put them in your math centers. Inside this pack of butterfly printables, you’ll find the following activities.

Learning to write numbers is an important preschool milestone. This worksheet packet includes a handwriting page on which children will trace the numbers 1–25.

Number Formation

Sorting by size is another important skill for preschoolers to learn. It helps them understand similarities and differences and see relationships between objects.

Sorting by Size

In this pack, there is a page that focuses on color words: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Kids will read the color words in each box and color the butterfly accordingly.

Color Words

As children color in the different sections of the worksheet, they must pay close attention to the lines and numbers in order to stay within the lines.

Color by Number

Each worksheet features a different group of objects to count. Kids will love counting the objects and then coloring them in according to the given instructions.

Count and Color

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