Building and Construction Books

We’ve compiled a selection of fun, engaging building and construction books that will spark their curiosity.

Featuring vivid illustrations and simple language, these preschool books will take kids on an exciting journey while teaching them about the basics of construction and engineering.

Dig It! Dump It! Build It!

Explore the construction site to learn about the tools and each kind of truck used to build, from bulldozers to cement mixers.

The construction team is taking on their biggest challenge yet—building a brand-new superhighway!

Road Crew, Coming Through!

Bulldozer spends his days on a construction site. He and his friends are tasked with an important job: to tear things down and smash things up.

The Gentle Bulldozer

The cement truck mixes and the forklift lifts, but what does the crane do? Or the dump truck? Or the bulldozer?

Construction Site Friends

Come join the construction crane on the jobsite. Learn all about the many jobs a crane performs in this toddler book.

Construction Crane

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