Beehive Craft for Preschoolers

As spring paints the world with its pretty colors, let your kiddos join us on a fun-filled and educational adventure.

The beehive craft is a perfect way to celebrate spring and to encourage a love of nature in young children.

It is a tangible and interactive project that will provide hours of entertainment and learning.

It’s super easy to get this craft started. First, measure, mark, and cut your yellow construction paper into 5 strips that are 8.5″ long by 1.5″ tall.

Then, starting with the longest strip of yellow paper, use a glue stick to glue it onto the white cardstock background.

On your black construction paper, trace your jar lid and cut out a circle. Paste the circle about ½” above the base of the beehive.

Use a yellow marker or stamp pad to color your thumbprint, and press it firmly on the white paper. Make as many bees as you’d like.

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