Back to School Preschool Math Centers

Little ones need many chances to explore math concepts and skills. These back to school preschool math centers are a great place to start!

These preschool math activities are perfect for helping preschoolers practice color sorting, counting to ten, number recognition, and more.

This free printable includes three hands-on math activities that are designed to help kids ages 3-6 practice counting from 1-10 and sort objects by color.

Leave the sorting mats intact after printing and laminating. Place a velcro dot on the five blank spaces at the bottom of each mat.

Color Sorting

Cut apart the school supply cards, and put a velcro dot on the backside of each card.

Identify the number in the bottom left-hand corner. Then, use small counters to build the number in the ten frame.

Ten Frames

You can use bingo chips, pom poms, or mini erasers to build the numbers.

After printing and laminating the counting puzzles, cut apart the puzzles so you have four separate pieces.

Counting Puzzles

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