Alphabet Letter Matching Worksheets

These fun literacy printables provide an engaging way for young children to learn the alphabet by identifying uppercase letters, then finding the corresponding lowercase letter from a set of three choices.

Not only do these worksheets provide plenty of valuable learning opportunities, but they also give parents an easy way to help their kids with early literacy development.

Alphabet Letter Matching Worksheets

This preschool packet includes two free worksheets. Each worksheet features twelve sets of letters.

Each of the two worksheets in this alphabet pack features twelve teddy bears wearing dresses with capital letters on them.

Completing the Worksheet

Children will identify the letter on each bear’s dress. Then, they’ll color or dot the circle under each bear that contains the matching lowercase letter.

If you laminated the pages, have students put a clear bingo chip or button on the correct lowercase letter.

By matching the letters, children become more familiar with the shape and structure of each letter, improving their ability to identify each letter independently.

Letter recognition

What are the benefits

Matching letters requires children to rely on their visual memory skills, which help them remember the letter shapes and forms, which leads to improved memory retention.

Memory skills

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