Hands-On Alphabet Games for Preschoolers

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Alphabet recognition is a vital component of early childhood education, and there are many ways to make learning the ABCs both fun and engaging.

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Whether you’re a teacher or a parent looking for new activities to do with your little learners, we’ve got an awesome collection of alphabet activities your preschoolers are sure to love!

Alphabet Zip Line

They’ll build fine motor skills as they clip each letter card, and you’ll see which letters they still need to work on as they call them out before sending it down the zip line.

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Alphabet Monster Game

Turn an old chip can or cereal box into a hungry monster and have your preschoolers feed him in this fun alphabet monster game. 

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ABC Cup Hunt

This ABC cup hunt game is a fun slight-of-hand game that preschoolers will love! 

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Send your preschoolers on a fishing expedition as they fish for the alphabet.

Fishing for Letters

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Little ones can burn off some pent-up energy when you set up this alphabet running game. 

Alphabet Running Game

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Review letters and letter sounds while working on gross motor skills with a letter sound punch game.

Letter Sound Punch Game

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