Alice in Wonderland Printables

Do your preschoolers love Alice in Wonderland? If so, they’re going to go mad for these Alice in Wonderland printables!

Young learners will love working on a variety of math and literacy skills as they practice cutting and pasting, using dot markers, and more.

What’s Included?

Four-Part Puzzles

Print and laminate these pages. Cut apart the puzzle pieces and have the children reassemble the puzzles.

Cut apart the alphabet cards. Have kids match uppercase and lowercase letters to complete the sets.

Alphabet Cards

Color the picture and trace the name of the character.

Handwriting Practice

Kids will follow the directions to mark a specific number of items and then trace the number.

Counting Practice

Children will roll the die, and color a square in the column of that character. Continue in this manner until one column reaches the top.

Graphing Practice

Print and laminate the pages. Cut apart the puzzle pieces. Have kids assemble the pieces in numerical order to complete the puzzles.

Number Puzzles

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