20 Hands-On Activities for Learning Colors

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These hands-on activities for learning colors are such a fun way to teach and reinforce important preschool and kindergarten concepts.

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Preschoolers can have fun while learning colors with a variety of simple activities. All of the color activities here will help young children practice their color recognition skills enjoyably and creatively!

Eye Dropper Activity Tray

It's educational, has lots of fun, and is perfect for helping young children explore the concept of color while also developing their fine motor skills.

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"I See a Rainbow" Preschool Color Activity

They can use their imaginations to draw and decorate each page with bright colors, inspiring them to learn about the colors around them.

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Colour Mixing Sensory Science

Little ones will sing this catchy color-mixing tune all day long, learning about the different colors as they play.

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From paint chip sorting cards to homemade playdough, young learners will have a blast learning about colors with the six activities featured here.

Fun Color Activities For Preschoolers

Kids will enjoy discovering which colors go in each jar, while adults can appreciate the benefit of upcycling and teaching kids about recycling at the same time!

Fine Motor Skills Sorting by Colour

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Once your kids have finished fishing for colors, you can turn this game into an activity that focuses on numbers and/or letters too.


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