Forest Animal Books for Kids

Kids love reading and learning about animals of all kinds. Here’s a fun list of forest animal books for kids of all ages.

Forest animals are such an interesting topic to study.

Kids are fascinated by animals especially ones they may see on an afternoon walk through the woods.

Over in the Forest –

Learning becomes fun for kids with this counting book about the forest habitat.

In My Forest –

Turn the colorful die-cut pages of this irresistible board book to discover just what makes little deer’s forest so cozy. Is it the fluffy snow? No, it’s their loving families! 

Whose Tracks Are These? A Clue Book of Familiar Forest Animals –

A series of clues and striking illustrations detail how to identify a variety of pawprints found in the woodlands.

Children will see where these animals-beavers, foxes, raccoons and frogs-live, while learning that whether it is in a tree, a pond, or a cave, there’s no place like home!

Who Lives Here? –

Someone is always awake in the forest, and someone else is always asleep! Some animals are alert in daytime and sleep at night.

Forest Bright, Forest Night –

Baby Animals in the Forest –

The forest is full of baby wildlife from the spotted faun, to the tiny bunnies, the tinier mouse, and the black bear cub up the tree.

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