Weather Books for Kids

24  weather books for kids! Use these books to teach about all the different types of weather with fun stories and nonfiction books.

Spring and summer a great time of year to teach young learners about the weather. With topics like rain and rainbows, clouds and tornadoes your preschoolers will have so much fun reading weather books or listening to you read to them about all different types of weather.

These weather books for preschool are full of bright, engaging pictures and easy-to-understand text that make them perfect for little ones. Be sure to add them to your preschool weather activities.

Weather Books for Kids

Delving into the world of weather is not just thrilling but also immensely educational for young curious minds. Picture this: the joy on a child’s face as they discover why the sky roars during a storm or how rainbows paint the sky. And what better way to spark this joy than through the pages of a book?

Books about weather can be a parent’s or teacher’s ally in nurturing that curiosity, presenting complex meteorological concepts in a way that is both understandable and enchanting for preschoolers. Let’s set sail on a literary adventure that helps little learners grasp the wonders of the weather that whirls all around us.

More Preschool Weather Fun

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Resources I Love for Weather Theme Preschool Lessons

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These children’s books about weather should spark your young learner’s interest in all things weather. Which one will you read first?

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