Water Bottle Crafts Kids Can Make

Recycled crafts are so much fun, and these water bottle crafts are no exception! Your kids will love turning old bottles into something fun.

This collection of crafts using water bottles includes animals, piggy banks, sensory bottles, and more. All made from recycled water bottles.

Pin-1 Water Bottle Crafts Kids Can Make

Many of these preschool crafts are simple to make and use household craft supplies. Others are a little more difficult and require a little help from a grownup.

Water Bottle Crafts

Preschoolers will love turning empty water bottles into penguins this winter! Follow this simple tutorial for a super easy (and oh so cute) preschool craftHomeschool Preschool

Turn a water bottle into a fun, book-based sensory activity with this Owl Babies book craft and alphabet activityMosswood Creations

These Rudolph water bottles are great for your kid-friendly holiday events. Natural Beach Living

Oil and water discovery bottles are like mini lava lamps. Your kids will have a blast making them. The Craft Train

Speaking of lava lamps, here’s another DIY lava lamp that comes with a science experiment recording page if you choose to use this as a learning activity. A Dab of Glue Will Do

Kids will be eager to save their pennies in these homemade water bottle piggy banksOur Kid Things

If you’re studying animals and animal habitats, add these colorful water bottle fish to your activity plans. There’s Just One Mommy

This water bottle octopus makes a great addition to your ocean-themed lesson plans. Crafts By Amanda

Do your kids love music? If so, they’ll love dancing around the room with these plastic bottle shakersThings to Make and Do

Pin-2 Water Bottle Crafts Kids Can Make

If you need yet another ocean animal craft to do with your kids, here’s a fun water bottle jellyfish craft that your kids will love hanging on display. Plaid Online

It’s really easy to turn the bottom of a water bottle into a fun flower craft for kidsKid Friendly Things to Do

This craft isn’t an animal, but this wave bottle is another craft that’s perfect for your ocean studies. It also makes a great calm-down tool. A Girl and a Glue Gun

Water bottle spirals will make a great decoration inside or in the garden. CBC

This jellyfish in a bottle doubles as a craft and a fun science experiment for kids. Momtastic

These plastic water bottle boats are easy to customize so no two kids will have the same one. Handy with Scissors

Upcycled plastic bottle pumpkins are great for fall, but they can be made any time of year. About a Mom

Add a little STEM to your craft time with these light-up pop bottle firefliesOne Little Project

Pin-3 Water Bottle Crafts Kids Can Make

Turn the tops of water bottles into plastic bottle flowers. Your kids will want to make a whole bouquet of them. Simplistically Living

See how easy it is to turn an old water bottle into a plastic bottle planter. Plant grass seed for a quick-growing project. You could also plant flowers or succulents. One Little Project

If you are looking for a fun and easy project to add a little cactus decor to your home, check out this water bottle cactus craftReuse Grow Enjoy

Add this water bottle comet craft to your space-themed activities. Meaningful Mama

Making fairy house night lights is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages! Crafts By Amanda

You can follow this tutorial to make DIY gift boxes from recycled plastic bottles. Red Ted Art

Must Have Resources:

When completing these water bottle crafts for preschool, I find that the following resources are very helpful to have on hand.

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