Virtual Birthday Party Ideas

These virtual birthday party ideas are a great way to create a special day when you can’t be together! Long distance parties provide a unique way to celebrate.

When my daughter’s best friend couldn’t have her birthday party as planned last month, we drove to her house and sang Happy Birthday from the sidewalk. But, what happens when you can’t get together – even from a distance?

Host a virtual birthday party! What an awesome way to connect with friends and family from a distance.

These virtual birthday party ideas are a great way to create a special day when you can't be together! Long distance parties provide a unique way to celebrate.

Virtual Birthday Party Ideas

Social distancing is on everyone’s mind these days. But, that’s not the only reason to host a virtual birthday party! 

These ideas are perfect for celebrating with friends and family both near and far. All of these ideas allow everyone to create a truly memorable birthday party that even long-distance friends and family can attend.

How to Plan a Virtual Birthday Party

First, you’ll need to decide on a video conferencing platform. We’re using Zoom this weekend to celebrate Easter with our family in another state. I use Google Duo to chat with my grandson each week. There’s also Facetime for a one-on-one call or Slack for groups. 

Pick a birthday party theme. You can pull ideas from what you’ve got on hand so that you don’t have to make a trip to the store. Or, you can print your own party decorations from home. This option could be a real money-saver if you have a good printer. 

Next, send invitations. For our Easter call, my aunt sent out a group text – not very festive. You could create a FB group to invite friends and family. That’s a little more festive if you create a fun image to display in the group. Or, you can send out real invitations. You can find printable party invitations for any theme if you look online. 

Be sure to dress for the occasion! Kids can wear superhero capes or princess costumes. Or, everyone can wear the birthday child’s favorite color. Whatever you choose, be sure that even the adults participate for even more party fun! 

These virtual birthday party ideas are a great way to create a special day when you can't be together! Long distance parties provide a unique way to celebrate.

Virtual Party Ideas

Host a virtual dance party! You could stream a dance video from YouTube or kids can take turns teaching each other dances. Or, you could do a round-robin dance where one child starts the dance and teaches everyone else a 10-second dance. Then, the next child adds on to that dance and so on until everyone has participated. 

If you’re hosting a virtual birthday party for kids that live locally, you and your child can deliver cookies or cupcakes. You can arrange beforehand to leave them on the front porch. For friends and family living out of town, you could ask parents to purchase or make some cupcakes or cookies. Then, during the virtual party, everyone can enjoy their treats at the same time.  

Play virtual games. I have a great list of virtual playdate ideas with 20 ideas you can use during an online birthday party. Kids can play charades, have a crazy hat contest, or even build LEGOs together – but separately.  

Host a sing-a-long. Let your child come up with a playlist of their favorite songs. Play the playlist on your cellphone or Alexa or other streaming device so everyone can sing along. 

Most kids know about photo filters. Many apps like Facebook Messenger have filters that kids love to play around with. Kids can play with these filters (with parental supervision, of course) and share them in the virtual party to add a little goofiness to the festivities. 


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